Founded in 2002, we initially specialized in  supply and distribution of medical equipment including hospital and laboratory essentials. Through the years we have developed our expertise and established solid ever lasting relations with our partners across the globe

Our values

Committed to efficient, sustainable and responsible business to ensure that we continue to thrive and demonstrate healthy continuity and constant growth

Our vision

We aim to lead the way in providing excellent customer experience through delivering world class services.Always working towards achieving ultimate customer satisfaction


We hold, and are able to source, a wide range of medical supplies and equipment including medical disposables, machines and ambulances. Our contribution towards major projects in the health sector carried by both governmental and non-governmental organizations is ongoing through providing high quality equipment for competitive prices. Lately we have also focused in the export sector where Sudan is one of the richest countries in the region with natural resources such as livestock, seeds and other agricultural products

Medical Equipment

Ambulance Preparation